Protect your business with Latch and provide your users with an extra security layer

Recent studies show that identity theft is moving toward more sophisticated methods that make it increasingly difficult for users and companies to protect themselves.

Latch lets you reduce the risk of attacks directed at your online services. Your end users will be able to lock the service account or selected features conveniently, when they don´t want to use them.

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Latch security features

Reduce exposure to cyber attacks

Latch lets you implement a safety latch on your online services. Your users can block the service when they are not using it.

Proactively protect your business

The Latch alert system lets you identify suspicious activity in your users' accounts in real time.

Intuitive control for your users

A simple app for their mobile device with which users can "lock the latch" to block the service when they will no longer use it.

Add an extra security layer

The second Latch authentication layer protects you if your credentials are stolen and used to fraudulently access a service.

Reduce unnecessary costs

Latch works on the existing infrastructure, providing an extra security layer through simple integration with your systems.

Custom support tool

Latch provides support tools to provide customer attention that guarantees continuity of the service.