Protect your online services:

Latch lets you implement a safety latch on your online services. In this way, you can temporarily block features of the service such as the session login mechanism, credit card payments, access to your email account, etc.

Moreover, the Latch alert system lets you identify suspicious activity in your users' accounts in real time.

Implementation is simple, as Latch works on the existing infrastructure and is easily integrated with your systems.

You decide which services to protect:

Configure the operations of your service so that your users can "open" or "close" the services that they are not using from a simple mobile device app:

  • Control the service authentication phase so that your users can block or unblock access to the service.
  • Enable lock-outs for different service operations such as credit cards, bank transfers, configuration changes, etc.
  • Provide users with a second authentication factor based on a single-use password as an optional or mandatory security function.

Examples of Latch use cases

  • How to protect authentication in corporate environments.

  • Replacing coordinate cards with Latch in banking environments.

  • Protect the privacy of your users in educational environments. [VIDEO]

  • Controlling hardware elements with Latch. [VIDEO]