Don´t worry, Latch does not store user credentials or information regarding your paired online services. If your phone was lost or stolen and you were logged in to Latch, your Latch account information won´t be visible. Resetting your password will terminate the active session on the lost device. You can login on another device and reset your password, or you can reset it on the Latch webpage.
Do not respond to this email. Latch and Telefonica will NEVER ask you for your password in an email.
You can sign in to the Latch app from any mobile device. Download the Latch app on any other device, sign in with your Latch account credentials and unlock the service. When you´re done, remember to sign out to close your session on that device. You can sign out from the Setting menu . If you don´t have any device on hand, please contact your service provider.
When a provider creates services that can be paired with Latch, they may optionally include their phone number and email address so that the users can contact them. This data is shown in the notifications that your Latch account receives when you access your paired services.

Don't worry. In the home screen of the Latch app, tap on the link: Forgot your password? You will have to enter the email you used to create the Latch account.

On the Latch application Settings menu you can set the frequency with which Latch requests your credentials.

That a session has been started on another device with the same credentials you currently have with Latch. If you are the only person who knows your credentials, we recommend changing your access password for your Latch account. This will close the application on all the devices on which it's installed.

Latch only stores the information required to identify you when you sign in (device model, operating system version, username, email and password). We also store the name of the services you have paired, but Latch does not store or handle any information related to the service operation or private information you may have shared with your service provider.
No private information is shared between Latch and your service providers. The service providers just check whether you have locked the account or operation before granting access to them, or whether you have enabled the one-time password feature.
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