Security and control in three steps
1 Create your Latch account

Sign up with your email and confirm your
user account.

2 Download the app

Download Latch to your mobile device from your official market store.

3 Start using Latch

Associate the accounts for your services integrated with Latch, we refer to this as pairing.

Do you already know how to pair?

  • Open the Latch app.

    Log into your Latch app with your user account.

  • Pairing a service is very simple.

    Start the pairing process, and mobile device in hand, search for web services integrated with Latch that you want to protect.

  • Associate the accounts for your services with Latch.

    On the "Add a new service" screen, press "Generate new code".

  • Enter the pairing code.

    The service website will ask for the pairing code that Latch generated on your device.

  • For security reasons, the code will expire in 1 minute.

    If the time elapses, click the button to generate a new code.

  • You got it! Pairing Service.

    Once pairing is confirmed, you can configure the service protection options.

Ready! Your service is protected with Latch.