Three simple steps to protect your online services
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Step 2 2 Integrate Latch

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Step 3 3 Start latching

Select which services to protect.

Add an extra security layer to your online services

Online security

The theft of online service credential has become increasingly more commonplace and a source of significant loss for companies.

Latch lets you implement a safety latch on your online services.

Why latch your services?

Protection for your users

Your users may opt to "leave the latch close" and "open it" only when they want to use the service, from a simple mobile device app.

Latch is available for Android and iPhone.

Latch step by step

Protect your online services by temporarily blocking the session login mechanism, credit card payments, access to your email account, etc.

Find out how to integrate Latch in the online services that you want to protect.

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